The Cure For The Teen Tantrum Part 1

Dealing with teens can be difficult, frustrating, aggravating, and extremely exhausting. Kids no matter what age, will always find a reason to throw a tantrum. I find the main reason my younger or teenage clients throw a fit usually involves their belief that they have nothing to wear, nothing looks good, and nothing fits right or is perfect for whatever they are doing. Even dressing for a 45 minute SoulCycle class can turn a 13 year old girl into a mad women.

Leave it to L to cure the Monday-morning meltdowns, the Saturday-morning sobbing and the pre-party panic attacks. Once you have had enough of the meltdowns, I recommend going through your child’s entire closet and discarding anything they refuse to wear. Next, I suggest downloading the Zara app or grabbing your normally sane child and heading to the nearest Zara store. Zara is full of affordable age appropriate clothing, and carries highly fashionable outfits that will cheer up your kids and leave you feeling like Mom of the year. Zara stocks dresses that work for a wide range of occasions and that fit all body types. Cute tops, pants and even jeans and jean-skirts are stacked so high that if you’re lucky you might even lose your child (Just kidding) Seriously though, a few trips to Zara can solve all your morning wardrobe problems and you won’t go broke either. Zara carries men’s and women’s clothing in all shapes and sizes: (Editors note: I received no compensation from Zara for this endorsement )

If that doesn’t work …try looking in YOUR OWN closet. I find that the sweaters, dresses and shoes that I’m tired of wearing or that just don’t look quite right on me anymore, look great on my teen daughter. Your old clothes not only make great new clothes for your teens, they cement a bond and help clean out your closet. Label them Vintage or Classic and turn your oldies into goodies. Best part about recycling your old outfits is they’re free! Win Win!

To be continued…

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