Holiday Helper

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Throwing a last minute Hanukkah party??? Leave it to L. Hanukkah came early this year, and we were left with very little party-planning time. The absolute best place to pick up last minute cute, creative, and reasonably priced Hanukkah party supplies this year is Party City. Party City doesn’t just carry items for Halloween and birthday parties. They have a vast selection of plates, cups, napkins, and tablecloths in a large selection of varied holiday-perfect colors. For this year’s last minute Hanukkah party, I went with blue and gold. Other color combinations I was considering were silver and blue, blue and white, and light blue and dark blue. Ultimately, I guess I’m a girl that loves gold!  My “YES!” moment at Party City was finding the matching-colored silverware for my blue and gold color theme. The silverware actually looks like real stainless and blue silverware that you might find at Bloomingdales or Crate & Barrel. The silverware looks amazing next to the gold charger, gold plates, and on top of a simple chic white napkin. I found polished gold champagne glasses and clear gold-rimmed plastic cups to accent the table. 

Not only does Party City have all the tableware you’ll need, they have a fantastic selection of candies in matching colors. I chose bright blue rock candy, glassy gold wrapped chocolates, shiny gold gum balls, crystalized cookies and cream snowballs, and of course the always-necessary milk chocolate coins in a rainbow of colors. Dessert is served!

For the kids and fun-loving adults like myself, I bought blue sparkly dreidel head bands, a blue and white santa hat, and medium-sized wooden dreidels. I used the dreidels as both the place-cards and giveaways, because who doesn’t love a party giveaway?  Each seat at the table also had a simple snowflake embossed, empty brown cardboard carton so that each guest could pack up candy and Hanukkah treats to take home at the end of the night.

Another great Hanukkah party give-away is laminated copies of the Hanukkah blessings and traditional songs. For many, it’s hard to remember the words and candle lighting directions from year-to-year, and a cute stain-resistant copy to take home is not only helpful, but they also look super cute and creative.

Don’t forget to have plenty of wine for the fun-loving adults, and sparkling grape juice or cider for the kids. Fairway carries its own well-priced Fairway branded kosher sparkling cider that is delicious for both adults and children.

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to buy the Hanukkah desert specialty: Sufganiyot jelly donuts. These days donuts are coming in all sorts of crazy flavors (which I love all too much), but for my Hanukkah parties I always stick with simple jelly.

Finally, Party City also has all the snazzy fancy serving dishes to match any color scheme you choose. The best part about all these Party City purchases is that they are completely disposable. No dirty dishes in the sink is a sure sign of a successful party!

For more Hanukkah help, always Leave it to L!!!